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Recommended Apps

This list is still a WIP, have more stuff I need to try out and add.

Blackberry 10 Apps:
Split The Check+ (PAID) - Lightweight bill splitting application that I wrote with sharing functionality and GPS location.
Allows you to easily:
-split the bill between multiple people
-share the cost per-person including your current location (optional) with others (text message, twitter, linkedin, bbm, create a personal reminder, etc).
-GPS location is shared as a google maps link so anybody can open it and see where the expense happened.
-saves your recent bill splits + location locally in the app.

Banking & Finance

Chase Mobile Banking - Have to sideload, works great. I have issues with Check deposits on the Q10 on, but Z10 seems to work fine.
Money Plus (PAID) - Find the cheapest gas nearby.
Check (FREE) - Formerly Pageonce. They've been around for a long time, aggregates all of your bank accounts, credit, cards, bills, etc into one place. Provides email alerts, bill payment service, credit score monitoring service (costs extra), etc.

Mapping, Navigation & Local Search

GasBuddy (FREE) - Find the cheapest gas nearby.
Spotcast (FREE) - Local search similar to Yelp. The app works very well, although the community is still very new so there aren't many reviews yet.


Wallpaper Sky (FREE) - Very good app for finding new wallpapers. Easily lets you browse, share, download, etc.
Fast Tube (FREE) - The best YouTube client.
Music & Streaming

Apollo (FREE) - 3rd party Pandora client, highly recommended.
Nobex - Radio and Podcasts (FREE)

RSS & Readers:

gNewsReader (PAID) - The best RSS reader out there and it supports Feedly and Newsblur backends..
Alien Flow for reddit (FREE) - Reddit reader that is native and built with Cascades, very smooth

Social & Sharing:

Trapeez (PAID) - A nice tumblr client.
Untappd (FREE) - Social app for beer drinkers.


GAuth (FREE) - Simple client to generate keycodes for Google 2-step authentication, works great.
Hub++ (FREE) - Allows you to customize notifications and LED colors, has great customer support as well. Currently 3rd party apps cannot run in the background unless you leave the tile open.
Password Keeper (FREE) - Secure password storage, great app.
QR Manager (FREE) - Simple and easy to use QR code creater and scanner.

Blackberry 10 Games:
Toss Alley (PAID) - My favorite game to date. Includes online challenges, unlockables, a store, mini games, etc. Very smooth and extremely well made.
Stunt Pear (PAID) - Very fun physics based game, highly recommended and only $0.99. Easily one of the best purchases I've made.

Where's My Water? (PAID) - Very fun and cute game
Air Attack (PAID) - Highly recommended airplane shooting game.
Angry Birds Star Wars (FREE) - A no brainer to pick up since it's free and a lot of fun to play
10 Pin Shuffle Bowling (PAID) - Great 3D bowling + shuffleboard game. Has scoreloop integration, and plays great, highly recommended.
Devil's Attorney (PAID)

Jetpack Joyride (FREE)

Let's Golf 3 (FREE) - Fairly fun golf game, nice graphics.
Robotek (FREE) - Great graphics, fun to play. The RNG can get really annoying sometimes though...